Friday, February 15, 2008

Calvin v Heshusius on the web!

I want to thank the moderator of Calvin and Calvinism for posting my article on Calvin, Heshusius, and Limited Atonement on his website.

The Heshusius quote has been misunderstood and grossly exaggerated in importance by the urgent necessity of finding some quote from Calvin that shores up limited atonement. I hope that the article will open up an avenue of thought and help to put to rest the idea that Calvin's work ought to be (re)interpreted in the light of Calvin's ironic rhetorical question to Heshusius.

For those who are looking for an analysis of the Heshusius quote, I hope I have provided a straight-forward, simple approach to understanding Calvin's message.

Another reason for reading the essay is to get a fresh view of Calvin's view of the Lord's Supper. Calvin's view is not common in evangelical circles today. One wonders why. (I suspect it may have a lot to do with the subsequent ascendency of strict limited atonement in reformed theology.) As always, Calvin's genius comes through in his analysis of the Supper. I have always found Calvin to be thorough, sound, and faithful to the scriptures in his explanation of them. Be careful though, Calvin will change you. You have been warned!


Martin T said...

Hi Steve,

I've just read your article and I think its excellent. Very thorough. Well done. Now if you could only get it published to a wider audience... :-)

Best regards,

Steve said...

Thank you for your kind remarks, Martin. I'm glad you enjoyed the article. The only audience I'm going to get, I'm afraid, is whatever I can get on this blog.

C'est la vie. :-)