Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Calvin, Heshusius, and limited atonement

Well, I have finally completed the Heshusius article. I put the article in pdf format so you can download it to your computer and have it look nice.

[UPDATE June, 2009. I consider myself web-savvy and all ... but I have had a great deal of difficulty figuring out exactly how to publish this paper in a nice form without spending money. :-) The link above goes to an html document published on Google docs. I have the Heshusius paper in pdf form also, which I'll send you by email if you request it. Just send me your email address asking for the Heshusius pdf and I'll get it right out to you.]

The article is a compilation of the thoughts on the Heshusius matter that I have posted on this blog, edited and (hopefully) improved.

I invite your comments, suggestions, and editorial remarks. I hope you find it interesting and profitable. Working on this project had a major impact on my theology of the Lord's Supper. Calvin always does that to me.

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